3D Indoor Mapping

M3 is specifically designed for everyday scanning work: it is lightweight, can be pulled up stairs easily, and can be disassembled and reassembled within minutes for transportation and convenient storage. In compact form, the M3 can be moved upstairs and downstairs easily and fits through doors with low height. NavVis M3 features six cameras mounted on two extendable, pneumatic tubes that allow unobstructed view while mapping. The cylinders can be smoothly pushed down when passing through low-height doors, lifting upstairs, or in storage.

The chassis of M3 can be easily disassembled into individual components that allow comfortable transportation and storage. Assembling M3 is fast, intuitive and requires minimal training.

M3 cameras generate centimeter-accurate position estimates through advanced simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms.

3D Street Level View

Heavy Duty


A high resolution panoramic imagery and precise 3D point data in one solution. 32 megapixels 3600(H) x 1800(V) stereo panoramic imagery. Wide angle 3600(H) x 1650(V) 3D field of view. 8 million 3D points per second. High accuracy GPS/IMU global position and orientation sensors. Self Calibrating cameras, GPS/IMU technology. Capture control software for controlling data collection. High speed panoramic image + 3D data processing. Advanced 3d feature recognition technology. Full suite developer tools, example applications and code. GIS, web-browser, desktop and mobile application integration.


Mapping and visualization software for both indoor and outdoor 360 panoramic and 3D point cloud data. Includes server and web client applications. API and SDKs are also available for those who wish to create a customized applications. We also offer a cloud based services for hosting the data and applications, check out our

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