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Digitalisation of buildings, outdoor spaces and cities utilising Internet of Things (IoT) to empower Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).


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  • PavementAI is an Automatic Road Inspection tool, developed by Urban Explorer, using Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms. 
  • By using 360 cameras with GPS system, Images captured will be automatically analysed to detect defects, extract locations and generate reports.
  • The application categorizes detected cracks by type, road name, estimated maintenance cost, and other criteria based on users’ requirements. 
  • Efficient and cost effective tool for PBT to carry out routine road inspection, regular road monitoring and maintenance to ensure good road conditions at all time

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Spatial network creation

Where we provide services from 3D mapping and data capturing for both outdoor and indoor environment, spatial data creation and spatial applications development.

Machine Learning

We develop models and turn them into useful software applications that powers digital twins to provide useful functions to humans.

Digital twins creation

From conceptual design to complete database and application development.

Project management

Full project life cycle management and delivery of digital twin projects.

What we do

MODITS - Maker of digital twins

As maker of digital twins “MODITS (TM)” we provide services and products that enabled organizations to move towards digitalization in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) and Internet of Things (IoT). Digital twins form the basic building blocks within the IoT framework that drives IR 4.0 forward. 


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